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RuPaul’s Drag Race – S08E01 – Keeping It 100! [SPECIAL EXTENDED REVIEW – IN ENGLISH]


My favorite reality show of all time has reached its 8th season! And with it, of course, I’ll be back, truly yours and bringing you all the best that happened at the season première of RuPaul’s Drag Race, in its 100th episode! A GRANDMA FOR THE DRAGS!

rupauls drag race episode 100

So many unforgettable queens. So many broken stereotypes. So many pads. So much shade in the workroom. Kilometers and kilometers of duck tape. So many Shangela’s appearances. Halleloo!

As soon as the episode begins, a look back is made from the first episode of the reality to the victory of jesus Violet Chachki on the previous season. And behold, suddenly, comes this exciting part: the first impression, the first message to the world, THE WERK ROOM ENTRANCES! Here are my favorite ones:


naomi smalls werk room entrance

acid betty werk room entrance

derrick barry werk room entrance

RuPaul enters the room and says Derrick Barry was the 100th queen to walk through that door. I didn’t the math to check if they relied on All Stars 1, or with double Shangela appearance, but it doesn’t matter now. What we really want is to kill the desire of seeing falling eyelashes, wigs arming and drag sweat dripping on efforts to finish the challenges. And that, please, the season doesn’t come fully-packed with group challenges, the biggest disappointment in the previous season.



Keeping retro atmosphere and returning to the photoshoot tradition, the queens are challenged to take a picture with nobody less than the drag royalty: the winners of the previous editions of RPDR except for Bianca del Rio, who was too busy writing new chapters of her misogynisttransphobic-fatphobic wrong manners guide, and was replaced by a clown, incredibly similar to her. Follow my favorite photos of the minichallenge:

naomi smalls photoshoot with previous winners

robbie turner photoshoot with previous winners

derrick barry photoshoot with previous winners



Still in retro climate, RuPaul announces the main challenge: the queens must produce looks of the main challenges themes of past seasons, but in their visions and putting their own charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Through a fair draw between 12 balls inserted in Morgan McMichaels’ vagina, Robbie Turner is responsible for assignating the theme for each of the contestants.

morgan popping out a ball from her vagina

The coooooooolest part: each theme is presented by a queen from previous seasons! It’s really gratifying to see so many girls, that we loved to hate and hated to love, returning to their home to give us a little grace and lightness for newcomers. With defined themes, queens spend two days working on their looks.



It’s time for the infamous runway! Mama Ru appears stunning, with 6 meters high, parading her dress inspired by a soap sachet. Here I introduce you all of the main challenge looks!

1. Acid Betty – Make Dat Money Ball (Season 3)

acid betty make dat money ball

2. Bob The Drag Queen – Gone With The Window (Season 2)

bob the drag queen gone with the window

3. Dax ExclamationPoint – Hello Kitty Couture (Season 7)

dax exclamationpoint hello kitty couture

4. Naysha Lopez – Drag On A Dime (Season 1)

naysha lopez drag on a dime

5. Kim Chi – Hair Ball (Season 3)

kim chi hair ball

6. Cynthia Lee Fontaine – Sugar Ball (Season 5)

cynthia lee fontaine sugar ball

7. Naomi Smalls – Pride Floats (Season 4)

naomi smalls pride floats

8. Chi Chi DeVayne – Glitter Ball (Season 6)

 chi chi devayne glitter ball

9. Thorgy Thor – Cake Couture (Season 3)

thorgy thor cake couture

10. Robbie Turner – Bitch Ball (Season 4)

robbie turner bitch ball

11. Derrick Barry – The Queen Who Mopped Xmas (Season 3)

derrick barry queen who mopped xmas

12. Laila McQueen – Post Apocalyptic Couture (Season 4)

laila mcqueen post apocalyptic couture


After the runway, as usual, RuPaul announces her decisions.

SAFE: Bob The Drag Queen, Dax ExclamationPoint, Thorgy Thor, Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Chi Chi DeVayne.

The queens who remained on the main stage begin to be criticized by fixed judges Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, Carson Kressley (#JUSTICEFORSANTINO) and guest judge Nicole Richie.

Acid was praised (deservedly, though I really hate her makeup) for her dedication to the money inspired look. We can no longer speak the same about Naysha, which brought an WTF dress, and with the old excuse that “I do not saw, blah blah blah”… GOOD MORNIN, ALICE, WAKE UP, IT’S SEASON 8! She is giving the same excuse of those who took the wrong bus.

Next, it’s so nice to see Kim Chi being recognized for her drag character! Though I would love to feel that much if she caught the Hello Kitty look, but with this hairy kitten she really made a blast. Then Naomi is really an one-of-a-kind collectible. The makeup is so clean and the boat worked so well that I even forgive the fact that I wanted to have seen big tits under that blouse, LOL.

Robbie… ugh. Not only came to runway with a look totally pretending to be kitsch, being well done poorly in fact, but also tried to bring out a personality that, for me, has not emerged yet. The Darienne Lake of season 8, see? In turn, Derrick showed that she is not just an Britney impersonator, but she can also highlight – even with one of the most simple looks of the night. Finally, Laila really had a beautiful look with a really cool jacket, but not shouting “post-apocalyptic” for me. It looked like a rebellious rocker trying to stand out, and that was all.



Winner: KIM CHI

kim chi wins the maxi challenge

Something that made me VERY happy – and she also, who in 30 seconds celebration cried, jumped up and ran across the stage. If the blessing of the first challenge is still up… we’ll have the little korean on top 3 (For those who never realized: the winner of the first challenge is usually in the top 3 of the season, and we still dunno why. Like a curse, but in reverse)!

HIGH: Acid Betty, Derrick Barry and Naomi Smalls.

LOW: Robbie Turner.

BOTTOM 2: Naysha Lopez and Laila McQueen.

The two less successful queens in the challenge perform nothing more, nothing less than A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E, of the well-known creator of the universe, Lady Gaga. Can I say that I always dreamed of this moment? Applause being performed on the main stage of my favorite reality show? <3

naysha lopez versus laila mcqueen lipsync for your life
And gurl… I really will be VERY sorry for anyone who has to lipsync against Laila. She just SLAAAAAYED! Yeah, that victory was already sure, since Naysha, poor girl, didn’t know the lyrics and made a Caribbean waddle that looked like a  Thalía’s lipsync in the 90’s. In addition, Laila’s look, who wasn’t on point for the challenge, perfectly fits the lipsync. In the end, we had a Nayshashay Away Lopez – how hard it must be for a Miss Continental winning queen have to be the first to leave?



So, gurl, what do YOU think of the episode, the opinions, looks and disposals? Comment with us!

1 queen leaves, 11 queens remain. See you next week, with a new review of the best reality show EVURRRRRRRRR!



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